Tandem Skydive - Oslo in Norway

Skydive from helicopter in Norway ! 

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Tandem Skydive approved commercially, is the safest choise.  Tandemhopp Fallskjermsenter AS, is the only Tandem Skydive business in Norway, commecially licensed by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authorities CAA. 

Tandem Skydive

Tandem Skydive from helicopter is increasing in popularity all over the country.

Tandem Skydive gift certificates can be an excellent idea in many occations.

A memory for life to a close friend, birthday present, wedding, corporate event, "kick off", bachelor party or just give yourself the experience of a tandem skydive.

The tandem skydive will give you an unique opportunity to an adrenalin rush in a safe and controlled environment. Safely hooked up to a specialist trained tandem skydive instructor, feel 25 seconds of free fall.

Tandem skydive is available every weekend just 30 min. south of Oslo fra April through october.  Both train and bus service available from Oslo.  We can pick you up at the station or bus-stop.

Photo : Helicopter photographer : Terje Løchen

How about joining the Skydivers to 10.000 feet, and watch them fall towards the ground in 120 Mph !.   This offer is limited to 1 person per lift for the price of NOK kr. 600,-. 

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More about skydiving

Arriving the field

By arrival are our guests received by his tandem instructor and will be informed about what a tandemhopp is like.
After a short instruction on the ground, you are equipped with a jump suit and parachute harness.

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In the air !

When we leave the helicopter, we have free-fall for 25 seconds in a speed of 200 km/h. Parachute resolves in a height of 5,000 feet above the ground.

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Who can participate ?

Everyone having a normal health can take part of tandem skydive. Age, height, physical condition and weight plays a role. Here are the specific requirements we set :

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The price of a tandem skydive without video is NOK 4.000, - More information about what this includes can be found below.
Would you also like to have your own DVD video of the SkyDive, the price is NOK 4.750, -

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Do you need information or want to book a tandem skydive ?  Call Fred on the phone +47. 92 60 89 09 from
kl.08.00 - 23.00 every day or email booking@tandemhopp.no

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Strict demands for safety on tandem skydiving. The weather must be very good. Regulations apply on both cloud ceiling and wind.

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Video - Basejumping

Watch video on helicopter lift and basejumping in Norway.  An exceptional experience between fjords and glaciers. An investment in a memory for life.

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